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Flexibility and independence no matter what thanks to mobile powerstations

There are different purposes and possibilities for the use of mobile power stations. For example, have you ever needed a power source on a camping vacation or has the power outage at home lasted for an extended period of time? Then a mobile power source from EcoFlow offers the perfect solution. Whether as a backup power supply or to secure the power supply outdoors, mobile power sources can be used flexibly. In addition, a power station with solar panels offers self-sufficient charging, making you completely independent of a power outlet. With the wide range of different power stations from EcoFlow, it's easy to lose track of what's available, which is why this article focuses on the topic of portable power sources.

What is a power station?

A portable power station works much like an emergency generator, but is more compact and easier to use. It has a variety of connections, including conventional power outlets and USB ports, among others. This provides great flexibility in choosing which devices to connect. Moreover, the power station stores the energy and delivers it in an efficient manner. Other features such as digital screens can, for example, display the current charge level and provide an overview of connected devices to track the energy flow. Such a power station can thus be charged in your home or car and then power devices on the go. A power station with solar panels can even be charged directly in nature with solar power. In this way, a power supply is also available to you outdoors, which makes you very independent and yet you do not have to do without electrical devices.

How does a Powerstation work?

A power station has an inverter that converts the power from the battery appropriately to be able to charge devices such as lamps, smartphones or household appliances without blowing a fuse. In addition, portable power sources are very easy to use and there are many different types that differ in their features. One of the most popular features of portable power sources is the ability to charge them completely with solar energy. Such a power station with solar panels has additional solar panels that can be attached to the roof of your camper, for example.

Which variant offers how many watts at the socket?

Small and large portable power stations provide different power levels, making them suitable for different uses. Compact units, like those from the EcoFlow RIVER series, with capacities ranging from 200 to 700 kWh are the perfect companions for short trips. These power stations have a variety of power outlets to power multiple devices such as smartphones and lamps at the same time. Larger power stations, on the other hand, such as those from the EcoFlow DELTA series, are suitable for an emergency power supply in your home. These models include capacities ranging from 800 Wh to 3.6 kWh. This ensures the supply of your household appliances such as hotplates and kettles if a power outage occurs. In addition, the large capacities are ideal for use in mobile homes. Thus, your power supply is secured outdoor and to the network-independent.

What can a power station be used for?

A portable power source is interesting for use in a variety of areas to ensure a sufficient power supply. For example, the power station is suitable if you are camping only with the tent and still want to charge your smartphone and camera. Charging these devices in the car is only possible to a limited extent. Even if you go fishing and would like to prepare fresh coffee or tea, a compact power station is advantageous. Campers who want to be completely self-sufficient can travel more independently with a powerful power station with solar panels, without changing the electrical installation of the van. Of course, the mobile power source also ensures the energy supply through emergency power in the event of a power failure.

So if you want to take advantage of the many benefits of self-sufficient energy, you should go for a powerful power source like the EcoFlow Powerstation. No matter for which project, the EcoFlow series offers the right model for every outdoor enthusiast.

Powerstations that can be powered by solar electricity can also be called solar generators, as these devices can store a certain amount of energy.

Ensuring power supply on the set

If you have relied on V-mount batteries so far, you may also find an interesting approach in using a power station. These offer with their different power output many possibilities in the power supply of permanent lights, charging stations, laptops or other set equipment. Some powerstations offer a wattage output of up to 3000W, which is enough for some strong permanent lights.

What brands do we list that produce power stations?

  • Anker
  • Jackery
  • Ecoflow
  • Agfaphoto
  • Zendure
  • Rollei

Powerstations from Anker

The well-known powerbank manufacturer Anker is now also active in the market of powerstations and solar generators. It offers several models here with different memory sizes, each of the devices is also compatible with a solar panel. In some cases, up to 3 solar panels or 300W of solar charging power can be connected to Anker's Power Station. Per panel, these panels have between 100W to 200W.

Models from Anker listed with watt hours

  • Anker Power Station Powerhouse 521 - 256Wh
  • Anker Power Station Powerhouse 535 - 512Wh
  • Anker Power Station Powerhouse 757 - 1229Wh
  • Anker Power Station Powerhouse 767 - 2048Wh

Special features of the Anker Powerhouses

  • UPS Standard Certified (UL-1778) - Emergency power within less than 20ms once power is lost
  • SecureCharge - If the batteries are damaged, they will not ignite
  • 100W USB-C port (model 757)
  • longer battery life due to LiFePO4 batteries
  • Temperature monitoring
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty