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11. April | LIVE-TALK: Natural wonder Iceland - Between fire + ice

In our live talk, we take you to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. Join us on a virtual journey through the north and experience the fascination of the forces of nature up close. Sebastian Lehrke, landscape photographer and speaker, shares his experiences from his Iceland expeditions with us. In recent years, he has impressively documented the beauty and at the same time the danger of Icelandic nature.

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In videography, a steady image is the be-all and end-all. To achieve this in motion, you need the right video head.

At events in particular, the camera spends most of its time on a video tripod, tripod or monopod. However, when the image section is adjusted, this change must be as smooth as possible so as not to distract the viewer. Video heads, so-called fluid heads, have been developed precisely for this purpose. They can be used to perform a precise pan or tilt movement without the camera becoming unbalanced. Ball bearings are built into the heads to ensure smooth movement. They also provide continuous weight compensation. This means that even heavy professional cameras can be moved effortlessly without much force thanks to a high load capacity. If this weight is set correctly, the panhead also ensures that the camera is moved back to the horizontal position with a tilt movement without any further influence. Another important feature of fluidheads is the ability to set friction. This resistance ensures that even very slow pans are possible without the cameraman losing the frame.

Depending on the design, these tripod heads are attached via a flat connection with a 3.5" thread or via a hemisphere. The hemisphere is available in diameters of 67mm, 100mm and 150mm. This detached attachment enables quick leveling of the horizon on uneven ground.