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Tenba bags

Tenba stands for best quality and modern design

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, Tenba's stylish photo bags are guaranteed to be the ideal choice for anyone who always wants to take their cameras safely and comfortably with them on their travels. In order to make the transport of cameras more comfortable in as many situations as possible, Tenba also offers a large selection of backpacks and shoulder bags, in addition to numerous photo bags in different variations and shapes. Of course, only high-quality materials are used, which promise the best quality and a long life of the products. In order to be able to take the appropriate photo equipment always well stowed away on vacation, the bags also impress with a generous storage space. The Tenba company specializes in high-quality photo backpacks that resemble military standards.

The range is aimed at cameras and lenses that can be transported safely from A to B. Tenba was founded in 1977 by a photographer and in the following decades has made the world famous with innovative and high quality soft camera backpacks. The brand was raised and made famous in New York.

What collections does Tenba offer?

The photo backpacks are Tenba's core business. In total, they have released 14 exciting collections.

  • Air Cases - strong like hard plastic cases, only lighter
  • Axis - tested according to military standard
  • Attache - light and robust
  • BYOB - turn any bag into a camera backpack
  • Car Cases - perfect for light equipment
  • Cineluxe - especially for filmmakers
  • DNA - perfect for content creators

  • Fulton - Timeless vintage style
  • Roadie - rolling suitcase for the road
  • Shootout - perfect for hikers
  • Skyline - Safe through the city
  • Solstice - Perfect for hikers
  • Tools - perfect for carrying
  • Tripack - Ideal for bulky equipment

What are the special features of the cases?

With the Air Cases collection you get a hard shell case, but in terms of weight it is more like a light backpack. It's perfect for people who need to transport sensitive equipment safely from A to B without having to express concern that something might break. The Air Cases collection declares war on any careless shipper as equipment is spared.

The Axis collection is for those who need tough and robust backpacks. Tenba's 40 years of experience making backpacks for the military can now be successfully applied to the personal sector, making sturdy backpacks for people with an affinity for cameras.

Attache is a series of cases that are lighter and sturdier than plastic cases and come in a variety of styles and sizes. So all the requirements of every photographer and filmmaker will be met.

The BYOB series can be customized according to your needs. You need sometimes three and sometimes five compartments? No problem! Just restructure your bag as you see fit, using the dividers that you can adjust in your backpack as you see fit.

The Car Cases collection is perfect for lighting equipment that needs to be transported safely over long distances. In a fully packed car, where there is little air between the bags, the robust case feels most comfortable.

The Cineluxe collection is an ideal backpack for traveling. It offers a comfortable feel for transportation while providing plenty of protection for your gear. It's also extremely versatile to use, as it still feels like you just put it on after wearing it for a long time.

The DNA series has additional product features such as a waterproof bottom, a Rolley Strap, and a Cycling security strap that makes use in the outdoors a no-brainer.

Backpacks from the Fulton collection combine timeless vintage style with modern comfort, plenty of features and tremendous camera protection. The design blends in almost seamlessly with any environment, yet has a lot of professional features, such as secure access to the camera on the back to prevent unwanted people from getting their hands on the equipment.

If you're on the road a lot, then the Roadie backpack series is for you. They are extremely easy to roll to your destination while being very compact and handy.

With the Shootout collection, it doesn't matter if you're taking a short trip or are an avid hiker, traveling for several days. Even with a full set of photo or video equipment, you'll be perfectly equipped in any weather, and your gear will stay dry without a hitch.

Isn't it sometimes nice to just carry a shoulder bag on the go? The Skyline collection makes it possible to store your camera equipment well at the same time, without losing or breaking anything, because the sporty bag provides perfect safety.

To you the carrying comfort and the look of your camera equipment is the most important thing? Then the Solstice collection is exactly the right one for you, because it offers a high wearing comfort and looks like an ordinary backpack.

The Tools collection ensures that even the small parts you need on a good shoot find their place while being safely stowed away, such as batteries or audio equipment. One side of the bag is transparent, so that you get a quick overview of the contents on set and do not have to roll the whole bag inside out as usual. With the transparent transport bags, the side walls can also be adjusted, so that you can also transport a camera in the equipment bag, if you only need one camera for the set and a lot of accessories.

The Tripack is ideal for bulky accessories that are difficult to transport from A to B if you don't have the right bag. With this collection it is no problem to transport even a big tripod or a bulky lamp stand.

The bags are characterized by their high quality and good carrying comfort. Tenba has always evolved with the needs of photographers* by developing robust and intuitive bags and cases to protect creatives' equipment. Camera equipment is no problem for Tenba bags, as there is a suitable backpack for every scenario. The brand name Tenba is derived from the Tibetan word for strong, unwavering and reliable. The brand aims to develop reliable bags and cases that allow you to take your equipment wherever you work or practice your hobby. In addition, Tenba also produces bags in camouflage look, which is a cool color combination for many adventurers, as the colors perfectly match nature.

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