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How do you photograph the wedding of the year? with Robert Schlesinger Header Foto Koch

How to photograph the wedding of the year? with Robert Schlesinger LIVE

04.08.2022 - from 6 pm

On August 4, we talk to photographer & voice artist Robert Schlesinger about his work at the wedding of the year. How do you prepare for Christian Linder's wedding and what are the challenges of working with politicians? We'll be asking Robert these and many other questions in our live talk - and of course he'll be on hand to answer your questions too!

The livestream:

Robert Schlesinger | Photographer & Voice-Artist

What you can expect in this live stream

In our conversation with Robert, we talk about the following topics, among others:

  • how he prepared for the wedding of the year
  • what equipment Robert uses for his work
  • what hurdles there are when working with politicians
  • why he is crazy enough to make a complete system change to Sony just a few weeks before the Lindner wedding and whether this became a problem

and of course your questions!

About Robert Schlesinger

He began his career as a photojournalist at the German Press Agency (dpa). For more than ten years he photographed politicians on the international stage.

His photographs of Olympic Games, world championships in boxing, swimming, soccer and social and economic events made it onto the front pages of international daily newspapers & magazines.

Today he works as an automotive & lifestyle photographer for products, brands and personalities in various industries. Robert's special skill is to inspire and engage those around him and capture the unique moments that arise. The atmosphere he creates is spontaneous, authentic and is reflected in the warmth and intimacy of his photographs. The depth, the power and the emotions, but also the certain irony that his pictures embody, give his style something unique.

His style and at the same time his approachable and personal contact make him unique in his industry - qualities for which his clients appreciate him so much. It is therefore less surprising that Robert's work has appeared year after year in the illustrated book "Blickfang - Deutschlands beste Fotografen".

Find out more about Robert here:

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