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OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm f/3.5 ED Macro IS PRO
Reading time: 4 minutes - February 08, 2023 - by Foto Koch Marketing

OM System M.Zuiko 90mm macro lens | First impression

The world of small details, here sets OM System with the new 90mm macro lens. Which is equivalent to a 180mm macro lens in full frame. With this unique lens, OM System now comes up trumps, offering a new (magnification) benchmark unlike any other macro.

  • 90mm macro lens
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • fast AF, high precision AF
  • Focus stacking
  • dust and splash water resistant
  • frost-proof down to -10?C
  • Fluorine coating

Technical characteristics of the M.Zuiko 90mm Macro Is Pro

OM system, formerly Olympus has attributed to the new lens some areas of use, such as portrait, macro, nature and travel photography.

The technical data of the lens once in detail:

  • F/3.5 aperture with maximum aperture of F/22
  • Angle of view 14?
  • Image stabilization of up to 7.0 EV stops, sync image stabilization
  • Compatible with MC-14 converter
  • Filter diameter 62mm
  • Weight 453g (without lens cap, rear lens cap
    and lens hood)
  • Close focus distance 0.224m
  • L-Fn button on lens
  • IP53 protected (protection against dust and any contact, as well as protection against splash water, frost up to -10?C)
OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm f/3.5 ED Macro IS PRO
OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm f/3.5 ED Macro IS PRO

Where is the strength of the OM Sytem 90mm Macro?

In our tests and based on the focal length, we see the use especially in insect photography, where the lens magnifies particularly small objects. Because with 90mm and the optional connection of the MC-20 or MC-14 adapter, particularly large image scales can be created. But here you should work with a macro flash / tong flash to illuminate the subject decently. Because by using a converter and a smaller aperture, the exposure times quickly become longer in order to capture the corresponding amount of light on the camera's sensor. Of course, a flash offers the advantage of compactness and power. We therefore advise you to use external lighting when using the combination in order to keep the ISO value of your camera as low as possible. To reduce camera shake, you should also use a tripod, especially when using focus stacking.

OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm f/3.5 ED Macro IS PRO
OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm f/3.5 ED Macro IS PRO - sample image for focus stacking && macro
OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm f/3.5 ED Macro IS PRO - Example image for use on plants

The OM System 90mm Macro in combination with the OM-1

Perhaps the most sensible camera && lens combination we can currently imagine is the new OM-1 in combination with the new OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko AF 90mm. Since the internally installed focus stacking pays off here, here the camera internally already calculates the images on top of each other and provides a result that can be shown.


What we can't leave unmentioned is the almost endless magnification factor of the camera with a scale to 4:1, which is equivalent to 8:1 on 35mm and a focal length of 360mm when used on a teleconverter and also converted. We advise anyone who hasn't yet had much exposure to macro photography in combination with external light sources to check out our video tutorial on ring photography.

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